Our Apps

Immunization schedule

Allows to know in detail the national immunization schedule published annually by the Ministry of Health of Argentina

Power outages scheduled Rosario

Provides detailed information about power outages scheduled for Rosario City by provincial energy company

Care prices PROCREAR

Show the price agreement between the Secretary of Commerce of Argentina and 33 suppliers of basic inputs for construction


Courses and training
Provides information related to courses, training and workshops that are held in the center of design and creative industries (CEDIC)

My Hotel App

It’s a product designed to provide information to the host hotels regarding the different experiences and services offered

Traffic fines in Rosario

Allow to know traffic violations associated with a motor patent, regardless of who committed the violation

Emergencies Rosario

Show medical assistance centers and sectional police of Rosario closer to the current location of users

Parking Rosario

Give information about private parking places as well as from places in which you can purchase tokens and voluntary payment coupons

Citizen Engagement

Mobile + Web Solution designed specifically for Cities and Towns. It appeals to civic engagement for the solution of the problems of each neighborhood


Prado Asturiano Rosario
Show all sports and disciplines played in the Club, as well as, their coordinators responsible, days, hours and contact information like mail & phone

Rosario's ATMs

Display geographic information about Rosario's ATMs belonging to Link Red and Banelco Red. Also allows you to view the time availability for each ATM fron the Rosario City

City Pharmacy

Display geographic information about Rosario's pharmacies nearest current position, as well as pharmacies Open 24 hours and Yellow Containers to discard expired medicines

App for
Real Estate

This app was conceived and designed with the premise to generate a new marketing channel for all Real-Estate to sell, rent or invest in properties

Donor Community Rosario

Displays all information relating to health centers in the city of Rosario (Santa Fe - Argentina) enabled to donate Blood and Marrow

Sightseeing Rosario

Tourist Body
It proposes exploring Rosario city through themed tours, interactive maps, audiovisual materials and information about featured attractions

Rosario Smart City

Allow centralize in a single mobile application all free apps developed for the city of Rosario (Argentina) aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens


Displays geographic information about producers, processors, fairs and markets from social economy of healthy food in the city of Rosario and surroundings

Rosario's Council

Allows to the residents of Rosario City know the daily activities of the Municipal Legislative Body, as well as follow live sessions from Vasallo's Palace

Mobile Order Point

Allows clients makes the purchase orders of their trade, know their account statement, and other features

Mobile Order Point

Allows SME's sellers makes the purchase orders of visited clients, check their account statement, and other features